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 ©Cory Blair 2020


Cory Blair’s art education has been influenced by visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York at an early age and later to travels in European museums in Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, and Berlin. She received her Bachelor of Arts in 2016 from Hampshire College (USA), a radical institution that emphasizes alternative pedagogies over numerical grades. After graduating, she felt that although her understanding of art in a contemporary age was strong, she sought to deepen her perspective on the technical craft of painting and knowledge of art history by studying with specific teachers and later moving to Europe. 

Her works are painted in acrylic and oil on canvas using techniques adapted from the Italian and Dutch masters that results in a production of opaque textures layered with translucent, optical colors. Her paintings reference classical approaches to painting and express her research into the metaphysical realm. Her influences range from 14th Century paintings to early Impressionism, and includes fantastical realism, contemporary realism, and the movement of visionary art. 


Cory Blair has completed numerous public street art murals and has exhibited paintings internationally in the US, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Spain, and Greece. Her passion is driven by the contemplative beauty in nature and the unseen depths of human perception. She is a queer, Jewish, New Jersey-an and is based in the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany.

events  &  exhibitions

Odyssee Pyschedelic Music and Arts Festival, Berlin, 2020

Free Earth Festival, Greece, 2019

Visionary Art Trip Belgrade, Serbia, 2019

Visionarium Festival, Catalonia, 2019

Visionary Art Trip, Moscow, 2019

Projektraum 145, Berlin, 2018, 2019

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, Hungary, 2018

Flicken Fahrradmarkt, Berlin 2017, 2018

VELOBerlin, Berlin, 2018

Visionary Arts Award, Moscow, 2018

Haight St. Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2017
LEAF Festival, NC, 2017

EarthDance Healing Arts Program, FL 2016

SFHDC Music Festival, CA, 2016

Flaming Lotus Girls Burning Man, NV, 2016

Harold F. Johnson Gallery, MA 2016

LEAF Downtown, NC, 2016

Three Days of Light Gathering, NC, 2016

Disc Jam Music Festival, MA 2014, 2015

Cosmic Alignment Festival of the Arts, NY, 2014, 2015

Wild Woods Music and Arts, NH, 2014, 2015

Janotta Gallery, MA, 2015

Hemp Festival, ME, 2014

F.A.R.M. Fest, NJ, 2014

Paradise Music and Arts Festival, KY, 2014

The Big Up Festival, NY, 2013

Fall Down Festival, CT, 2013